5 Great Ways to Use Your Outdoor Living Space this Autumn

Autumn is a truly stunning season. The leaves are changing colour, and the sun is finally starting to cool off a little after the heat of the summer. It can be a great time to get outside and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

At Louvre Roofs Australia, we offer aluminium louvre roofs that can make your outdoor living space usable, even during the rain! Our louvres can be placed into a variety of different positions, making them a fantastic, versatile option for those who wish to use their living space all year-round.

Read on to find out about five great ways to enjoy your outdoor living space this Autumn!

Host a barbeque
An Aussie staple, the humble barbeque is one way that many enjoy their outdoor space with friends and family. Many different foods can be barbequed, and outdoor living furniture can be set up to ensure you’re always ready for an impromptu cook-up! One benefit of our roofs is that they have an automatic rain sensor, which can detect water and close the roof, effectively providing coverage for your outdoor furniture. No more barbeques cancelled due to a little rain; our roofs can help to protect your outdoor space against the elements!

Set up a workout space
Have you always wanted to have an area where you can workout, but haven’t had the space inside? Why not set up a small workout space in your outdoor living space?! An outdoor living space can be the perfect spot to install some gym equipment, or a yoga mat. Whether you’re after a space to lift weights, do Pilates, or both, you can do so outside in the fresh air, while in your own backyard! Roof louvres can be positioned to be fully-closed, protecting your equipment against the elements, which also means you don’t need to move equipment around every time there’s a little bit of rain.

Put on a dinner party
For those feeling a little bit fancy, one outside entertainment option is a dinner party. Cook some delicious meals, but some nice wines and sparkling, and tell your friends to dress in their fanciest outfits. For a little extra fun, why not make the evening a murder mystery night too! Similar to the popular board game Cluedo, a murder mystery generally entails one guest being a “murderer”, while the others try to work out who the murderer is. Give it a go for a different twist on dinner with friends! Some other dinner party games include charades, Pictionary, or two truths and a lie. There are lots of exciting ways to add another layer to a dinner party

While you could go out camping to stare at the night’s sky, you could also do a little star-gazing from the comfort of your own home! With louvered roofs, you can have protection from the elements when it rains, while still being able to see the stars at night. Our aluminium louvre roofs can be placed into a variety of positions, which means they can be rotated to suit the situation you require. This includes the fully-open position, which sees the louvres rotated to a 175-degree position, allowing a view of the sky above. If you wish to do a little star-gazing from your outdoor living space, pick a clear night, pull up a beanbag or make a comfy spot on the ground, lay back, and have a look at the stars. Taking a moment to look at the stars can help put things into perspective, and make us realise just how small some of our problems are.

Enjoy the fresh air
Probably the simplest activity on this list, sitting outdoors in the fresh air can be a great way to relax and unwind. Whether your happy place is reading a good book on a Sunday afternoon after all the meal prepping for the week ahead is completed, practicing mindfulness and meditation, or sipping wine and catching up on tabloid gossip, unwinding in the fresh air can be a wonderful way to take stock and appreciate the smaller things in life. Our aluminium louvre roofs can help you enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors, no matter the weather!

There are many different ways to enjoy your outdoor living space, from working out and focusing on your fitness, to hosting a dinner for your nearest and dearest. Our louvres let you enjoy your space all year round. If you would like to find out more about how our roofs could benefit you, or wish to know more about our available roofing options, please feel free to get in contact with our friendy staff today!


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