About Our People

At Louvre Roofs Australia, we are 100 per cent dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. Our louvre systems have been tried and tested for almost 30 years, and are manufactured in Australia from marine-grade aluminium. 

Here we explore a little bit about our people, and about us as a company. 

About our people
Our people are experienced, and work hard to ensure your project is completed efficiently and professionally. Our registered builder and director has more than 20 years of experience in the building industry, and our two designers have almost 40 years of experience between them. This expertise and experience means you and your project are in safe and capable hands that you can trust. 

Experts we work with 
While we have our own small team, we also often work with outside experts on the roofing projects we undertake. Louvre Roofs Australia specialise in working with a range of people within the building industry, including builders, draftsmen, and architects. These people love working with us as we offer an outstanding product and genuinely know our stuff. 

We’re here to help

Are you excited about the thought of getting new outdoor roofing, but feeling a bit stressed-out about the plans and permits needed to make it happen? That’s where our friendly team can come in! One thing about our company is that we’re always willing to do our best to assist you, and this includes during the plans and permits stage of your louvre roof creation process. Our experts can help you navigate any council planning issues that may arise, along with the VBA building code, in order to obtain your needed building permits and certification. At Louvre Roofs Australia, you’re not in this alone. We’re here to help you every step of the way!

How our roof louvres work
Our roof louvres can be placed in many different positions. This can be achieved with the simple push of a button, making it simple for you to control your patio or living space, and enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather! Some of these positions are the fully-open position, the angled-open position, the partially-open position, and the fully-closed position. These positions can be changed with the simple push of a button, and also have a rain sensor function which automatically closes the louvres, protecting your outdoor living area and furniture from the shower. 

Our louvre roofs are manufactured in Australia from marine-grade aluminium, and no water can get between the blades when they are placed into the closed position. They are ideal for high wind and coastal zones within Australia, and have a minimalistic, high end finish that is aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

Optional extras
One great thing about our company is that we provide optional extras for those after a little more from their roofs. We can fit specially-designed lighting strips to give your outdoor space more light options while the louvres are in the fully-closed position. Another additional extra we can provide is wall-mounted switches and push buttons. While we setup basic open and close settings, there is also the additional option of home automation. Our louvre roofs are customisable to your needs, allowing you to have an end product that is suited to your wants and requirements. 

What people have to say about Louvre Roofs Australia
We have many happy customers who have been satisfied with our work. Check out our reviews from around the web below, to see more of what our happy customers have to say!

“Fabulous versatility with my roof. Allows north winter sun right into my family room and kitchen, yet closes when it rains! Very pleasant installers. Quick and hassle free!” – Lynn

A warranty you can count on
We believe in the quality of our products and our craftmanship. As such, all of our roofs come with a 10-year workmanship and product guarantee. The aluminium louvres and solid pivots are also guaranteed for a period of 10 years from the date of installation, against perforation or corrosion that would affect their performance. 

On top of this, Louvre Roofs Australia also provide an industry-leading 8-year motor warranty (that covers both the parts and the labour!). This warranty is industry-leading as most other louvre installers only offer the standard 3 years. Now that’s peace of mind you can count on! 

At Louvre Roofs Australia, our team of professionals aim to create stylish, durable roofing solutions that you, your family, or your business can be proud of. We work with a range of experts to design and construct our louvre roofs, and are also able to help you during the plans and permits stage of your project. 

If you would like to find out more about our people, about our company, or about the roofing options available, please feel free to contact Louvre Roofs today! 

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