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At Louvre Roofs Australia, we strive to ensure 100 per cent customer satisfaction with our products and services.

All of our louvre roofs are covered by a 10-year warranty, for both the workmanship and the product, itself. We also provide a best-in-market 8-year motor warranty, which covers all labour and parts. Most other louvre installers offer just the standard 3-year warranty… just another reason to consider Louvre Roofs Australia for your roofing project!

Keep reading to find out a little more about us as a company!

Frequently asked questions
Before reaching out to us with a query, take a look at our FAQs page to see if it’s answered there! Many common questions are addressed on this page, including the locations we install in, and what makes our installations different to other louvre roofs across Australia.

About our company
We provide quality materials for all of our builds. Our louvre systems are manufactured in Australia, from marine-grade aluminium, and the design of the louvres means that no water can come between the blades when they are placed in the closed position. We also offer many optional extras for your project, such as specially-designed LED lighting strips (for additional light when the louvres are in the fully-closed position), and the option of wall-mounted switches, push buttons, and home automation.

Louvre Roofs Australia can also assist you with the plans and permits stage of a new outdoor roofing project. We can help you navigate any council planning issues that may arise, along with the VBA building code, and assist you in obtaining building permits and certification.

To find out more about us, and the roofing projects we can offer you, please feel free to contact us!

About our people
Our people are experience and reliable, and you can also rest assured that your project is in capable hands. Our registered builder and director has more than 20 years of experience within the building industry, and our two designers have almost 40 years of experience between them.

As a company, we have fantastic relationships with commercial businesses and trades within the home and garden industries. We also specialise in working with builders, draftsmen, and architects during the design and construction of your new project. These professionals love working with us because we offer an outstanding product, and genuinely know our stuff!

How louvre roofs work
Our louvre roofs can be set to any position, from closed to approximately 175-degrees, at the touch of a button via the remote control. All of our louvre systems have a rain sensor, which will automatically close the roof to protect your outdoor furniture and area when it detects rain. For those who prefer the control panel to remain in the one spot, we also offer the option of wall-mounted switches and push buttons. We set up basic open and close settings as standard, however, there is also the option of home automation.

Roof louvres can block out rain on days when it is needed, and provide light and ventilation into your outdoor space on days you wish to feel the elements. Some examples of the blade positions are as follows:

Fully-open position
Fantastic for letting the sunlight in, places the louvres in a 180-degree, vertical position.

Angled-open position
Can be used to block the hot sun, while still letting light and natural ventilation in your outdoor space.

Partially-open position
Ideal for blocking light rain, this position still lets light and air flow into the space, and can provide share against the hot sun.

Fully-closed position
This position is designed for when you wish to enjoy your outdoor space during heavy rain. The fully-closed louvre position blocks out heavy rain, and the interlocked louvres carry the rainwater to the gutters.

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