Outdoor Patio Roofing Options

Choosing a design for your outdoor patio roof isn’t just about getting the look right, although that’s definitely important. Certain shapes and styles have practical considerations and benefits.  When you’re planning to spend a lot of time relaxing underneath the shade of your outdoor patio, you want to make sure it’s a patio that’s right for you. Luckily Louvre Roofs can provide you with a wide range of outdoor patio roofing options.

If you’ve been browsing our website, you probably already know that Louvre Roofs are leaders in our industry, offering a 10-year warranty on both our products and their workmanship plus an eight-year warranty on the motor (while most Louvre installers are content to offer three years). We want you to enjoy your Louvre Roof free from any issues for many years to come. But it’s important to be happy with the choice you’ve made.

We’ll help as much as we can, of course. That’s why we’ve written this blog for those who need a little more information about their options before getting started.


Popular outdoor patio roof designs


There are several outdoor patio roofing options out there to pick from. Even if you don’t recognise their names, there’s a good chance you’ve seen many of them out and about:

The Gable

As classically stylish as its name suggests, the gable has a peaked roof with two sides forming a symmetrical triangle shape. It’s hard to go wrong with a gable. It always looks good and often it matches the style of your home. These roofs have a “spacious” look that lets more light into your patio and the sloping design means rain flows off easier and you’re less likely to deal with clogged drains and gutters.

The Skillion

Unlike the two-sided gable, a skillion consists of a single sloping shape. Installed in a raised position above the gutter of your home, a skillion design has a number of benefits: it’s sleek, stylish, low cost, quick to install, good for the flow of air, lets in lots of light and allows for unobstructed views of the surrounds (a bonus if you’re lucky enough to live on a beautiful property).

The Flat

A single shape like the skillion, flat patio roofs are actually slightly angled in order to allow rain to drain off. Sometimes a simple approach is the best approach, and flat designs have a number of things going for them. Their simple design is cost-effective and quick to install as well as being low-maintenance and versatile. They can be free-standing or attached to your accommodation and they generally look stylish no matter the shape of your home.

Custom Roof

It might come with a higher price tag, but if you really want to give your home a distinctive look (and maybe raise its property value as well), why not give your Louvre roof an original shape such as a pyramid or dome? They can be great for light, give your patio a spacious feel and generally just provide a highly unique environment you’ll love to sit in time and time again.

Got a question about any of these design styles or have another design in mind you’d like to explore? Get in touch with us.




We offer a range of materials for your Louvre roof. If you have any questions about our materials or you’re interested in any other options, contact us.

Anodised aluminium

The last thing you want is for your outdoor patio to look old before its time. Anodising aluminium is an age-old, tried-and-true process that protects the metal parts from scratching and corrosion.

Powder-coated aluminium Louvres

A coat of dry powder further protects the aluminium Louvres from damage and gives the metal a long-lasting finish on top of that.


In order to get the highest level of satisfaction out of your Louvre Roof, it’s essential to find a colour you like and that suits the rest of your home. We have hundreds of colours available, so it’s a safe bet that we have the right shade for you: light or dark, subtle or eye-catching, the choice is yours.

Contact Us

We hope this range of styles will convince you that a Louvre Roof is the ideal option for you. Whether you’re ready to have your roof installed tomorrow or you just want to discuss our outdoor patio roofing options further, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page. Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing under your very own patio roof made exactly the way you like it.


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