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There’s no getting around it: you need to choose a design for your Louvre roof. And you need to choose one that you won’t get tired of, one that suits your sense of style. At Louvre Roofs, we’re in it for the long haul with you with roofs covered by a ten-year product and workmanship guarantee.

Will you still love the style of roof you chose after a decade? It might sound like a daunting decision to make right now. Thankfully at Louvre Roofs, we’re as helpful as we are versatile. Take your pick from our many outdoor roof designs and you’ll find yourself with a roof that stands the test of time. We’ll not only make the process of picking a Louvre roof easier, we’ll also make it more enjoyable too.

If you need a little more information about our Louvre roof systems and possibly some outdoor roofing ideas to get you started, read on.


Why it’s important to pick the right design for your Louvre roof


The Look

There’s nothing frivolous or superficial about prioritising the look of your Louvre Roof. When it’s a permanent part of your home, you want something you’ll continue to enjoy the sight of. Do you desire something sleek and stylish, something “minimal” and streamlined or something unique that will give your guests something to talk about? Maybe a little from all of the above?


All of our Louvre roofs can be adjusted to the weather conditions, providing you with shelter from the rain or the opportunity to bask in the sunshine in a snap. While all will vastly improve the quality of your outdoor entertaining area and the time you spend there, they all have different strengths. Maybe your priority is something affordable and quick to build? Maybe it’s something that will allow the rain to flow off your roof easily? Or maybe it’s something that will cause your guest’s jaws to drop? Whatever your goals are, Louvre Roof’s outdoor roof designs will help you achieve them.

The Long-Term Investment

Having a Louvre roof can raise the value of your property down the track, especially if you choose a particularly distinctive or high-end design. If you think you might sell your house in the distant or not-so-distant future, this is an advantage worth considering.

Our outdoor roof designs

At Louvre Roofs we know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a range of classic styles and some custom ones too. We also have hundreds of colours for you to choose from. Customise your Louvre roof exactly to your own personal style by choosing the colours of all the structure’s different parts, including the beams, the posts and the rests of the framework. Our designers have almost 40 years of experience between them. So even if choosing the specifics of your roof’s palette sounds a little daunting right now, they have the expertise to guide you and help you choose.

Some of the Louvre styles we offer include:

The Gable

You may not know the name but there’s no doubt you’ve seen the design. The gable has two identical sloping sides that come together at the top. The triangular extension at the top is the part known as the “gable”. As well as being a classically attractive design that most likely goes with the shape of your home, the gable has its practical advantages. It’s inexpensive, creates a spacious look and feel for your patio and allows rainwater to drain off easily instead of clogging your gutters. It’s a timeless design that looks good for your guests without being too showy.

The Flat

Although it’s actually angled ever-so-slightly to allow rain to drain off, this simple design appears flat to the naked eye. A straightforward and low-cost style, the flat basically always looks stylish. It’s low maintenance and very easy to clean due to the lack of nooks and crannies for sediment to get stuck in. All you have to do is spray it with a hose.

The Skillion

With a more prominent slope than the flat, the skillion is another classic design that’s low-maintenance and also allows plenty of fresh air and light into your patio.


Maybe you want a Louvre design that’s unique, original and destined to become a conversation piece when you have guests over, e.g.: a cube or pyramid? If that’s what you’re after, chat to our team at Louvre Roofs. While we’re good at classic and timeless, we can also do unique and attention-grabbing just as well.

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No matter what kind of outdoor roof design you go back in the end, it’s important to remember that they all have their advantages and that Louvre Roofs have got you covered. Whether you’re after something simple and affordable or something to impress the guests, get in touch with us today. We’ll help you pick the right roof for your home and for your family and we’ll guarantee you can continue to enjoy it long into the future.


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