Anodised Aluminium

At Louvre Roofs Australia, we make our roofing solutions from the best quality materials on the market. All of our materials are manufactured in Australia, and we can offer a large range of colours for your project. Providing high quality products is important to us, and all of our amazing louvre systems are constructed using marine-grade aluminium. Our roofs do not let water in when placed in the closed position, meaning you can enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather. 

Our roofs also have a rain sensor function, that can detect when it needs to close to protect outdoor furniture. There is also the option for LED lighting to be included, for those looking for a roof with a little more pizzazz. 

There are two options of aluminium that our roofs can be made from: anodised aluminium, and powder-coated aluminium. On this page, we take a look at what anodised aluminium is, and the benefits it comes with. 

Anodised aluminium
So, what exactly is anodised aluminium? Anodised aluminium is aluminium that has a film of aluminium oxide joined to it. This process means the aluminium oxide forms part of the aluminium, itself, and is done to increase the metal’s thickness. There are several benefits that come with having anodised aluminium. Firstly, the metal has an increased resistance against scratches and corrosion. It also has protection against fading, which is great news when living under the Aussie sun!

Anodising of aluminium is a process that has been undertaken commercially since the 1930s, so it is tried and tested. It is also a method of enhancing the aluminium’s surface area without using heavy metals. The process of anodising aluminium also does not emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which is good news for the planet!

Why choose Louvre Roofs Australia?
There are many reasons to choose us for your outdoor roofing needs! As a company, we have almost 30 years of experience within the roofing industry. We only use quality products for our roofs, and our team of experts can help you to navigate the often-daunting landscape of plans and permits. Our two designers have almost 40 years of experience between them, and their wide-range of knowledge can help you to create an outdoor living space you can enjoy for many years to come.

Versatility, all year round
One great quality about a louvre roof is its versatility. There are many different positions that our roofs can be placed in, with the angles able to be changed by you via remote control. Our roofs also have a rain sensor function, that can help to protect your outdoor furniture against unexpected downpours! Some positions of our roof louvres are:

Fully-open position
Allows the sunlight to shine through into your outdoor space, and lets plenty of fresh air in. This position is great for cold winter days where you’d like to let as much sunshine in as possible!

Angled-open position
This position helps to block the bright sun rays, while still allowing air and light into the space. Good for sunny days when you wish to have a bit of sun protection, without compromising the fresh outdoor air. 

Partially-open position
Great for blocking light rain. This position means you don’t have to sacrifice light and airflow outdoors if there’s a little rain about, as the partially-open louvres can help protect against light rain. 

Fully-closed position
As the name suggests, this position has the louvres fully-closed, protecting your outdoor area against heavy rain. Our interlocking louvres mean the rainwater is carried to the gutters, for smarter water management solutions. 

Benefits of our roofs
Our roofs come with many benefits, including (but not limited to): 

10-year warranty
A 10-year workmanship and product guarantee. We are confident in our workmanship, and the quality of the materials we use, and off a 10-year warranty that guarantees our workmanship and product. Additionally, we also offer an 8-year motor warranty on our louvres, that covers both the labour and the parts. This 8-year warranty is industry leading, as most other louvre installers only offer 3-years coverage. Let our extra covered give you additional peace of mind with your louvre installation. 

Cyclone-grade engineering
We know that Australia can be susceptible to cyclones and strong winds at times. At Louvre Roofs Australia, all of our lifestyle products are engineered, designed, and certified with an appropriate rating for Australian cyclone zones. 

The roofs we create are simple to use, with a straightforward remote control used to select the various positions. Our roofs have a rain sensor, which comes in handy for unexpected storms, and there is also the option for wall-mounted switched and push buttons. Our standard installation involves basic open and close settings, however, you can opt for home automation if you desire. 

As a company, we offer a unique roofing option for people after sleek, aesthetic, modern outdoor roofing solutions. If you would like to find out more about our available roofing options, please feel free to get in contact with our friendly staff! 

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