Angled Louvre Blades

Louvre Roofs Australia create gorgeous louvre systems, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space all year round, no matter the weather! As a company, we have more than 20 years of experience within the industry, and we use only the very best quality materials, all of which are manufactured right here in Australia.

We specialise in working with draftsmen, architects, and builders throughout the design and construction process, to ensure the very best outcomes possible for your new roof!

Our HV2 adjustable louvre roof system can be set to a variety of different angles, meaning you can make the most of your day or night, regardless of the weather or season. Read on to learn more about our angled louvre blades, and how a louvre roof could benefit you and your outdoor living space.

Versatility at your fingertips
Our angled louvre blades mean you can set your roof to many different positions, depending on your desired environment. These louvres work via remote control, however, there is also the option of having wall-mounted switches and push buttons. We setup basic open and close settings, but there is also the option of home automation.

Some of the positions the louvres can be set to are:

Fully-open position
This angle is ideal for letting the sunshine in, which can be particularly good during the winter months. The fully-open position sees the louvres perpendicular to the ground below.

Angled-open position
Allows natural ventilation in, while still blocking the hot sun. This position is good for offering some shelter against the sun and heat. 

Partially-open position
Can block out light rain, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space. This position still allows plenty of light and airflow into the space, so you’re not compromising protection from the elements for fresh air. 

Fully-closed position
Provides shelter against heavy rain, allowing you to stay dry while outside, and listen to the peaceful sounds of raindrops falling on the roof. The interlocking louvres carry rain to the gutters, providing smart water management. 

Why choose Louvre Roofs?
We have been in the roofing industry for over 20 years, and are passionate about creating unique, practical, and tough outdoor roofing. Our two designers have almost 40 years of experience between them, so you can be sure your project is in capable hands. 

Want to get an outdoor roofing project underway, but feeling a little overwhelmed by the plans and permits needed? Our friendly team are here to help you navigate any council planning issues, and the VBA building code in order to obtain building permits and certification. Don’t let the stress of what could happen hold you back from starting on a project that could change your entire outdoor living experience!

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Benefits of our roofs
There are many benefits to having a louvre roof installed. Below, we have outlined a few of them, to show you why we believe our roofs are the very best.

10-year warranty
All of our roofs are covered by our 10-year warranty on both the workmanship and the product. In addition, we also offer an industry-leading 8-year motor warranty (which covers both the labour and the parts), while most other louvre installers offer the standard 3 years. We are confident in the roofs we create, and are 100 percent committed to customer satisfaction.

Australian-made, quality materials
Our louvre systems are manufactured in Australia, using marine-grade aluminium, and no water can get between the blades when they are placed into the closed position. Our louvres offer a versatile option for those looking year-round outdoor entertaining. 

Cyclone-grade engineering
Our lifestyle products are all designed, engineered, and certified with an appropriate rating for Australian cyclone zones. 

Customisable colours
We are able to provide a wide variety of colours for you to choose from. This way, we can help ensure your project stays in keeping with the theme of your overarching house colour scheme (you can also choose something completely different, it’s totally up to you!). 

Upgrades and alternatives available
As standard, we provide an easy-to-use remote control for you to operate your new H2V louvre system, however, there is also the option for wall-mounted switched and push buttons. We are also able to install specially-designed lighting strips, which provide additional lighting for your outdoor living area. 

Rain protection
With many different positions to choose from, you can customise your outdoor area to be sheltered from the rain. But what about protecting it when you’re out? Our roofs have a rain sensor function, allowing additional protection of your outdoor furniture from the rain!

Our angled louvre blades mean you can enjoy your outdoor living area all year round. With many different customisable options, you can design your new roof exactly the way you like it! Our roof louvres can be set to a variety of different positions, meaning you can be protected against the elements at the touch of a button. If you would like to find out more about how our roofs can benefit you, feel free to get in contact with our friendly staff!

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