Top Advantages Of Powder-Coated Aluminium Louvre Roofs

Ever wanted to control your ceiling? Open it up in the morning to let all the sunshine in, and then close it up at midday to hide from the scorching rays or evade the falling rain? Not being able to do so has ruined more than one garden party. 

Today, this is no longer a problem, and it is easy to achieve protection against the elements. The aluminium louvre roofs do just that.

What Is A Louvre Roof?

Just like people have shutters on their windows, it is possible to have such on your roof. The louvre roofs are made of shutters consisting of slats. These slats are adjustable and may be fully opened to let the light in, fully shut – to offer maximum protection from the sun and rain, or any interim angled positions that will ensure the moderation of the light.

These days the material of choice for louvre roofs is aluminium. This metal is light, easy to use, and highly durable. It ensures a sleek design and sturdy protection. The aluminium powder coating ensures yet more durability for your roof system.

What Are The Advantages Of Powder-Coated Aluminium Louvre Roofs?


Naturally, you may erect a classical standard roof over your patio, … and you will be stuck with it for all of your life. There will be no option of having your roof one day and not having it another. Let alone ensuring just a partial shade. This is exactly where louvre roofs come in. They provide extreme versatility. 

  • Fully open position

This position of the louvres is useful during the cold winter days when you will need to let as much sun into your house as possible. The “fully open position” will ensure all the natural light and heat enter your house.

  • Angled open position

The angled position refers to the louvres. When they are in the angled position, they will block the sun’s rays yet allow for sufficient light to enter your outdoor (and indoor) area. This position of the louvres is also perfect for ventilation as it ensures a slight breeze to enter your living spaces.

  • Partially open position

The partially open position of the louvres is used to block light rain from ruining your outdoor furniture. It will also block out the hot sun. The partially open position will still enable the entry of light and air into your outdoor space.

  • Fully closed position

Your garden parties are saved! … and so is your outdoor furniture.  The fully closed position of the louvres will block even the heaviest of rains. The louvres interlock and carry the rainwater directly to the gutters from where it is easily disposed of.

This versatility will enable you to enjoy your outdoor spaces irrespective of the weather and the part of the day. It is similar to having a remote control for the weather.


Historically louvres were made from wood. Sometimes they still are. 

However, currently, the material of choice is aluminium. The material is light, functional, and highly durable. Adding to this durability is the “powder coating”. The process refers to the application of powder to the aluminium louvres which further increases their durability. It also greatly boosts the resistance of the metal finish to fading, chipping, and other wear and tear. 

Hence the durability of your powder-coated aluminium louvre roof is guaranteed and is one of its main advantages.

Smart design.

By default, the louvre roofs are sleek, modern, and classy looking.

As aluminium is a light material and very easy to use, the louvre roof designs are easily customisable to your overall house design and needs. This allows you to create the most desirable outdoor aesthetics easily. 

The powder used for the finish of the lovers allows for as many colors as there are paints. Therefore lover roofs may easily come in any color necessary. Hence you will easily match or contrast the colors of your existing setup.

Light control.

The angle of the louvres may be moderated in such a way as to allow the sunlight of your choice to enter your living spaces.

  • The fully closed position

This position of the lovers will block any light from entering through your roof. The position may be useful at high noon with scorching sun.

  • The fully opened position

At the fully opened position, the louvres are tilted at 175 degrees. This allows for the maximum of sunlight to enter through your roof. The position is useful in winter or early in the morning when you wish to make the best of the sun’s rays.

  • The angled position 

The angled position of the louvres will block out the scorching sun yet allow for plenty of light (and ventilation) to enter your living spaces.

  • The partially open position

This position of the louvres will block light rain yet allow the entry of light into your spaces.

Weather Protection.

There are basically two scenarios that could spoil your outdoor experience – scorching sun and the occasional shower. Your aluminium louvre roof, however, offers the solution to both of these issues. 

By navigating the angle of the louvres you can easily modify the amount of solar radiation which reaches your living space. This will not only allow for a comfortable shade but also reduce the air temperature in your outdoor areas. And with closing the interlocking louvres altogether, you divert even the heaviest of rain to the gutters. 

Now you may enjoy the outside even in what others may deem as difficult weather.

Ease Of Use

All of the above advantages may fall into the “insignificant” category if they are not glued together by the ease of use of your aluminium louvre roof. No longer do you have to make the trade-off of having versatility with the ease of use of your system. The aluminium louvre roofs provide both.

The aluminium louvres are as easy to use as your TV. And just like your TV, they are operated via remote control, right out of your comfortable couch. But the ease of use does not stop here. The aluminium louvre roofs may be equipped with automatic rain detectors. In this way, your patio furniture will be well protected against rain, even if you are not at home to close the louvres. 

Flexible Airflow

The louvre roof system is the only roofing system that by design, allows airflow. This, of course, is great. What the louvre system does, however, is to enable its owner to fully control this airflow – reduce it when warmth must be preserved, or increase it when the weather is too hot. Just by operating the angle of your louvres your roof system acts as an air conditioner.

Green Efficiency

Last, but not least, aluminium louvre roofs are energy efficient. As easily noticed from the above benefits without using any energy (modifying the angle of the louvres uses energy which is less than a light bulb), the louvre roof allows for control of weather conditions of your outside spaces. This however does not exhaust the “green effect” of your roof. Aluminium is the most easily recyclable material. When recycled alluminium louvres will still preserve their original functionality and durability. 

 All of these advantages make powder-coated aluminium louvre roofs the roofing system of choice for any outside area.


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