Why Do Australian Homeowners Love Louvre Roof Systems?

The weather is so changeable in Melbourne, if you and your family thrive in the outdoors, you’re probably always on your toes. You may enjoy the sun, but not too much during a hot spell in summer. In winter, you may want to get the most of the few sunlit hours. It’s no surprise then that Australian homeowners like you, especially in Melbourne, love louvre roof systems

Louvre roofs have been around for a while. But they have come a long way in design and quality, to become popular additions to contemporary homes. Here’s a look at what makes louvre roofs great for adding style and functionality to your outdoor living space. 

What Is A Louvre Roof System? 

Louvre roof systems are the ultimate luxury in homes, bringing the outdoors in when you want it and keeping it out when you don’t. They are essentially all-weather patio roof systems designed by architects for modern homes. They offer the perfect extension of the indoor space into the outdoors or vice versa, depending on how you look at it. 

These roofs are designed with slats that you have full control over. The slats are typically made of aluminium. They are adjustable and remote-controlled. The louvre roof works as a protection against the rain, giving you a wonderful space in which to dine, read or hang out with the family while the weather is pouring. 

It keeps the sun away when you don’t want it, or when you want just a little of it. The slats typically have a few different positions you can choose for the weather. You can have your louvre roof fully open, partially open, angled open or fully closed. 

When closed, the slats of your aluminium welded louvre roof will sit completely flat. They will interlock and create a watertight surface to keep the rain away. Marine-grade aluminium ensures your roof is waterproof and watertight. 

Why Homeowners Love Louvre Roofs 

You’re probably already thinking of a few different ways to use the louvre roof system in your home. Modern materials are tough and durable. They are easy to customise with 


Versatile louvre roofs are great for sun protection and insulation (when used indoors) in hot weather. Your backyard or patio will enjoy shade against the summer sun when you want it. And it doesn’t have to be a permanent shade. In winters, when you want more sun, you can open up the slats and enjoy the warmth all day. 

Adding louvre roofing as a part of your indoor space is also a good way to add light to darker areas of your home. If your landed home facing isn’t ideal to let light in from windows, you can consider installing a louvre roof over a portion of your living room or the darkest parts of the house. 

You can also create a sunroom as an extension of your home. A louvre roof with glass walls can be a wonderful place to dine in or entertain in cold or rainy weather. 

Protection From The Weather  

We’ve already spoken about how great the rain protection is with louvre roofs. What happens when you’re not home and it begins to rain, and there’s a risk of returning home to a wet outdoor dining space? There’s no need to panic. Your louvre roof very likely comes with a rain sensor. You don’t have to be around to work the remote controller when the weather changes all of a sudden. 

Good quality roofing will also be designed and engineered to be cyclone-grade. Australian-made louvre roofs are likely to be certified for use in cyclone-prone zones. You can check a prospective vendor for cyclone zone ratings on their products. 


Louvre roofs can work as vertical walls too. If your neighbours are too close for comfort, but an enclosed patio will be too airless, a louvre roof and wall will be ideal. You can block your neighbours, surrounding noise and traffic out whenever you want simply by having the slats fully closed. 

On the flip side, on days you’re feeling sociable and don’t mind a banter with a passing neighbour, you can have the slats open. The versatility of louvre roofs makes them very popular in modern urban homes with little wooded privacy.


It’s easy to see how louvre roofs can help keep your home airy. You don’t have to have all windows open when you can just let the louvre slats open. Fresh air will flow in and circulate in your home, reducing dampness in wet weather.

If you’re concerned about ventilation in your home, you can speak with the architect or professional installer. They can figure out which way the wind typically blows, so the louvre roof can be strategically installed.


There’s no doubt that a louvre roof system looks great. It adds texture and detail to a contemporary home. It adds to curb appeal and may increase the resale value of your property. The broken rays of light let in by the angled slats of the roof can have a pleasing effect. Some roofers will offer roof structures that come with LED lights, to add some jazz to your outdoor living area. 

A louvre pergola that stands alone in your backyard or poolside can be an exciting feature on your property. The sky’s the limit to how you can aesthetically use this functional and attractive architectural feature in your home. 

A garden louvre roof can be as compact or as large as you need. Using the highest grade 4mm thick aluminium in the main structure designers can typically create pergolas as wide as 7 meters between two posts. 

Types Of Louvre Roof Systems 

Patio louvre roofs come in a few different styles. You may already have guessed what these are from the functionalities we talked about above. 

Typically, louvre roofs may be installed as:

  • Free-Standing Pergolas 

These make great outdoor kitchens, pool areas, outdoor dining areas or living areas. They may be designed with minimal supporting posts. Some installers may add vertical timber beams for added support and aesthetics. 

You can extend the living areas of your home out into the patio with vertical posts. In this way, the barrier between your indoor and outdoor living spaces can be removed. If you want to go for a free-floating appearance, the posts can be offset from the corners. 

  • Cantilevered Louvre Roofs 

These roofs connect a patio roof to your home without using extra support posts. These roofs can typically extend as far as 2 meters from the building roof without support.  

  • Annex Garden Rooms  

In a courtyard, the external space can be shaded with a louvre roof. Three sides of the space can be fitted with the aluminium structure. No other support will be necessary. 

In Conclusion

The styles discussed above are by no means the only way homeowners can use louvre roofs. An expert installer will be able to guide you on how to best use the louvre roof in your living space. 

There may also be plans and permits that you need to consider before getting a louvre roof system installed. Check with your vendor for help with navigating building codes and requirements. They should be able to help you make the process of installation as smooth as possible. 


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