Why have louvre roofs installed?

Are you looking to get a roof installed for your outdoor living space? Maybe you’re looking to turn your patio into a space that you can enjoy no matter the weather? There are many positives to having louvre roofs installed by us at your property, from changeable coverage, to an industry-leading warranty, plus assistance with plan and permits.

On this page, we take a look at some of the reasons to consider getting a louvre roof installed at your home or business by Louvre Roofs Australia

Changeable coverage
Our changeable roof louvres let you take control of your shelter options, no matter the weather. These louvres can be placed into a variety of different positions. These positions include:

Fully-open position – Ideal for chilly winter days where you’re looking to let as much sunlight in as possible. This position is also great for clear evenings, when you wish to relax and look up at the night sky.

Angled-open position – Positioned to let ventilation in, while blocking out some of the sun’s heat, this position is ideal for warmer days when you still wish to enjoy the outdoors.

Partially-open position – This position can be used to block out light rain, meaning there’s no need to cancel those barbeque plans! The partially-open position still lets plenty of light and airflow into your space.

Fully-closed position – The fully-closed position allows you to protect your outdoor living furniture and space against heavy rain. The interlocking louvres also conveniently carry rain to the gutters.

On top of this, all of our roofs also come with a built-in rain sensor, which detects rain and automatically closes the roof. So, no need to worry about your outdoor furniture while you’re out and about!

Industry-leading warranty
We offer a 10-year warranty on all our louvered roofs, and are 100 percent committed to customer satisfaction. We also have an industry-leading 8-year motor warranty, which includes both the parts and the labour! Just another reason to choose Louvre Roofs Australia!

Customisable design
Our designs are truly customisable! There are hundreds of different colours to choose from, and a wide range of design possibilities. This means you can customise your louvres to suit the aesthetic look of your home or commercial property. The beams, post, and other framework can also be matched to your colour palette. Ask to see our colour chart to get a look at our full range of options! Our roofs are remote-controlled, plus there is also the additional option of wall-mounted switches, push buttons, and home automation. We can also fit specially-designed lighting strips, to provide additional lighting for when your louvres are placed in the closed position.

Help with plans and permits
Are the plans and permits needed for your roofing project making you feel too overwhelmed to begin? Let us help make the process simpler for you! We are experts in helping you to navigate council planning and the VBA building code, in order to obtain building permits and certification. Why stress tackling this stage on your own when you can get assistance from our experienced experts?!

We are a Melbourne-based company. Our louvre systems are manufactured in Australia, using marine-grade aluminium. When placed into the closed position, no water can get between the louvre blades. Our lifestyle products have cyclone-grade engineering, meaning they are engineered, designed, and certified with an appropriate rating for cyclone zones in Australia.

Experience you can trust
As a company, we have more than 30 years of experience within the roofing industry. Our registered builder and director has more than 20 years of experience in the building industry, while our two designers have almost 40 years of experience between them. Our team of experts specialise in working with builders, draftsmen, and architects throughout both the design and construction periods to create the very best roofing outcomes.

Want to find out more?
If you’d like to know more about our product and services, please get in contact with us today [link to Contact Us page]! We are always happy to speak with customers (and potential customers) about the services we provide. We also offer free estimates.

There are many reasons to choose our roofs for further protection of your outdoor living space. Our roofs are simple to use, customisable, and can be positioned to best reflect the weather conditions you are facing. Our louvres can be rotated up to 175 degrees, and placed into a variety of different positions. They can be created to match the aesthetics of your home or commercial space, with additions able to be added to suit your lifestyle and needs. To find out more about the roofing options available, please get in contact with our friendly staff.


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