The ultimate in versatile outdoor living

Invite the warmth & 

light of the sun

Stay dry & protected

from the rain

Invite the breeze

with cross-flow


Create shade and 

keep cool during 

the summer


Dive into the cutting-edge technology of Louvre Roofs Australia’s opening
roof system, designed to revolutionise your outdoor living spaces. This
system is a perfect amalgamation of style and functionality, giving you the
power to control sunlight and shade effortlessly. Each Louvre roof is not just
a protective covering but a dynamic, versatile solution, thoughtfully engineered
to adapt to various weather conditions and seamlessly blend with your architectural style and personal preferences.

Fully Closed

Louvres interlock to keep out the weather. Deep channels in each Louvre carry water away to surrounding gutter. No need to move inside when it starts to rain.

Fully Open

In cooler weather enjoy the natural WARMTH of sunlight through the louvres. Maximum light available. Warmth into rooms and outdoor areas.

Angled Open

For SHADE, angle the louvres against the sun and still enjoy plenty of light. Natural ventilation is created by air passing through louvres to provide cooling breezes.


Partially Open

With louvres opened a small distance, protection is still provided for light rain. Ventilation and shade protection is achieved.


We’re dedicated to turning your vision into reality with our highly customisable options. Delve into a world where your style preferences and functional needs take the lead in designing your outdoor area. Choose from a vast array of materials, colours, and innovative features, all tailored to complement your home’s unique look and feel. Imagine a space that’s not just an extension of your home but a true reflection of your lifestyle, crafted to your exact specifications. With us, your ideal outdoor setting is within reach, made possible through our commitment to bespoke design and quality craftsmanship.

Louvre Roofs Australia emphasises the importance of visual harmony in our approach to your outdoor living space. We believe that the aesthetics of design are paramount, setting the tone for your entire project. Our process begins with understanding your style preferences and the architectural character of your property, ensuring that every Louvre roof we create not only meets functional needs but also enhances the visual appeal of your space. We’re dedicated to crafting solutions that are not just practical but also resonate with your personal taste and the existing beauty of your home.

We Start With Design

Colour It Your Way

We take pride in offering an extensive palette of colour options to perfectly match your style and architectural preferences. Understanding that colour plays a crucial role in the aesthetics of your outdoor space, we provide a diverse range of hues, from classic tones to contemporary shades. This variety ensures that your Louvre roof not only complements your home’s exterior but also reflects your personal taste. With our customisable colour choices, your Louvre roof becomes an integral part of your home’s overall design narrative, blending seamlessly and beautifully with its surroundings. Contact us for a detailed colour swatch.

Anodised or Powdercoated Aluminium

We offer both anodised and powder-coated aluminium options. Anodising enhances the natural corrosion resistance of aluminium, while powder coating provides a durable, wear-resistant layer of colour. Each method not only extends the life of your Louvre roof but also adds to its aesthetic appeal, ensuring your roof remains both functional and visually striking for years to come.

We understand that the right lighting can transform your outdoor area into a captivating space, suitable for any time of day or night. Our Louvre roofs can be equipped with various lighting options, from subtle, ambient lighting for a warm, inviting atmosphere to brighter, more functional lighting for entertaining and activities. These integrated solutions are not only practical but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your Louvre roof, ensuring your outdoor space is as inviting at night as it is during the day.


Take Control

Our state-of-the-art roofing systems come equipped with easy-to-use remote controls, allowing you to adjust the roof louvres with the touch of a button. For added convenience, we also offer wall-mounted switches, providing an alternative control option that integrates seamlessly into your home’s design. These innovative control systems ensure that managing sunlight, shade, and ventilation in your outdoor space is effortless, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion with ease and precision.


Our roofs can also be equipped with cutting-edge automation systems, enabling you to program and control your outdoor environment with ease. The highlight of these features is our intelligent rain sensors, which automatically adjust the Louvre positions at the onset of rain, ensuring your outdoor space and furnishings remain protected. This automation not only adds a layer of convenience but also enhances the overall functionality of your Louvre roof, making it an intuitive part of your modern, smart home.


10-Year Workmanship & Product Guarantee

This warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials, ensuring that the Louvre roofs are free from faults and are of high quality.

8-Year Motor Warranty - Including Parts

An exceptional feature of their warranty is the 8-year coverage for the motor, which includes both parts and labour. This is notably longer than the standard 3-year warranty offered by most other Louvre installers.


Louvre Roofs Australia offers a robust 10-year guarantee specifically on the louvres and pivot pins of our systems, ensuring their durability and functionality over a significant period. Additionally, we provide an industry-leading 8-year guarantee on all motorised and electrical components of our systems, which is notably more extensive than the standard 2-year warranty typically offered by other installers. This comprehensive warranty coverage reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable products, and gives our customers added confidence and peace of mind in their investment.

Our louvre roofs are expertly engineered to provide superior water resistance, especially when closed. Designed with the Australian climate in mind, they effectively protect your outdoor spaces from rain, ensuring comfort and durability. Because of their adjustable nature, they are adept at handling typical weather conditions, keeping your outdoor area enjoyable and dry during rainy days.

Yes, our louvre roofs are engineered to meet specific safety standards, making them suitable for installation in cyclone-prone areas with appropriate structural considerations.

Absolutely, our louvre roofs are designed with versatility in mind, allowing them to be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of existing structures. Whether you have a traditional patio, a modern deck, or a commercial space, our custom design approach ensures that the new louvre roof complements and enhances your existing architecture. Our team works closely with you to understand your structural requirements and aesthetic preferences, ensuring a perfect blend of the new installation with your current space.

Indeed, at Louvre Roofs Australia, we provide comprehensive assistance with council planning and obtaining necessary permits. Navigating the intricacies of local regulations and building codes can be challenging, but our experienced team is here to guide you through the process. We offer expert advice and handle the paperwork, ensuring that your louvre roof installation meets all legal requirements and is approved smoothly. Our aim is to make the process as effortless as possible for you, allowing you to focus on the exciting aspects of your new outdoor space.

Yes, Louvre Roofs Australia offers a variety of commercial solutions, catering to diverse business needs. Our commercial louvre roofs are ideal for creating inviting alfresco dining areas, functional outdoor meeting spaces, or enhancing customer experience in retail settings. Understanding the unique demands of commercial projects, we provide robust, stylish, and practical roofing solutions that align with your business objectives and architectural style, contributing to both the functionality and appeal of your commercial premises

Ready to discover the potential for your outdoor living space?


Michelle Noble
We've had a louvre roof installed by Louvre Roof Aust. over our rear deck. It's great. It's made the area useable and helped keep maximum available light in our home. Particularly love the feature where it closes when it rains. Look forward to unpacking our BBQ and some warm days. Very happy with the quality and workmanship.
lee sheehan
After working in the Louvre industry for 8 years this is the most professional company I have come across that's why I now do my designs for them! Lee from Bespoke Outdoor Concepts Pty Ltd Another client just sent me this Hi Lee Can you pls upload this review and photos to your website. "We are extremely happy with the 3 bay louvre roofing recently installed by Louvre Roofs Australia. Our thanks to Lee and Rick for having a solution to use rectangular posts so that outdoor blind pelmets could fit easily in a corner. The whole structure looks amazing and we can now use our deck area all year long. Thanks to Marty for doing a wonderful job on the installation. We would highly recommend Louvre Roofs Australia. Debby"
Blake Simons
Our experience with louvre roofs Australia is a outstanding one at that. Such great people to be involved with across all areas regarding the opening roof. Thanks again
mick burleigh
We are very happy we chose Louvre Roofs Australia. From Lee in sales through to Darren our installer we cannot speak more highly about the quality workmanship and customer service. No hesitation in recommending.
aaron froling
My experience with Louvre roofs Australia was nothing short of amazing! The professionalism of the sales rep, the depth of knowledge from the guys in the warehouse and installer was second-to-none. The product is first class and I have huge confidence it will not have any problems with my wonderful new roof, ever!
Andrea Davey
We were thoroughly impressed with the service, quality and attention to detail shown by the team at Louvre Roofs Australia. From design, to planning to construction we never had any issues. Lee was terrific to deal with during the design phase and Marty and Darren did a superb job with the construction, creating a beautiful space exactly as we had hoped. Thanks to all at Louvre Roofs Australia. We couldn't be more impressed and we highly recommend them to anyone who wants a quality product with excellent service. Thanks Cameron and Andrea Davey - Caroline Springs.
Anna Mats
Love your work Louvre Roofs Australia. Our louvre roof over our 9 seater spa is amazing. Big thank you to Rick and Marty who helped us through the process of plans, permit and the construction of the final great product. Looking forward to many many years of good times under our beautiful roof. Would recommend LRA to anybody.
Cameron Mitchell
Louvre roofs australia - a big thank you to Lee and staff at louvre Roofs Australia, we have just had our louvre roof installed. The quality of materials and finishes are excellent. Also a big thanks to Marty our installer, for a job beautifully done! Many thanks Deb and Pete
Helen Van Styn
Our experience with Louvre Roofs was outstanding from beginning to end. Every single member of the team was professional, helpful and thorough in the information they provided us. We were able to visit the factory and see the product first hand which gave us peace of mind. They gave us a detailed plan of when work would be undertaken and they kept to this schedule. We are extremely happy with the final product and look forward to spending many summer days under our new Louvre Roof.
Iain Leech
The team at Louvre Roofs delivered an amazing solution for our outdoor area. The whole customer experience certainly exceeded our high expectations. From initial design conversations and planning through to quality of product, detail of the installation and workmanship (thank you Cameron and Darren). We cannot speak highly enough of the Louvre Roofs team and so pleased we signed up with them after extensive research of their competition. A five star plus experience, give Lee, Rick and the team a call, you will not be disappointed.